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Virginia Green LodgingEco-Friendly Practices

Visit to Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast in Virginia Beach will rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit with eco-friendly products and practices.   From the simplest items of biking or walking to the store to the high tech ductless HVAC and tankless water systems, Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast is keeping our guests comfort at the forefront without increasing our carbon footprint. 2006 saw many changes to Greg's first home.  The original 1600 sqft coastal cottage was enlarged to 4908 sqft with many enviromental friendly design features.  It started with recycling the existing 1937 building to landscape with indigenous plants, and harness rainwater runoff to maintain plant life. Here are just a few green products we built into Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast:

  • Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters provides hot water based on flow demand.  Saving thousands of hours of wasted energy.
  • Low Volume Kohler Comfort Toilets with anti-slam seats: nice and quiet
  • Exterior walls, floors, and ceilings have been insulated above standards.  Walls R15 value, Floors R19 and attic areas R38.  Interior bedroom walls were insulated with R19 to reduce sound and heat gain.
  • Ductless Mini Split 18 Seers Heating and Cooling Air Ionizing Systems provide individualized comfort for each room.  Our guests have full control over an efficient air quality control system for their room
  • Kynar 500 pre-finished galvanized steel roof with a non-weathering finish.
  • Factory applied sealer for cedar shingles creating a 10+ year wear resistance.
  • Factory painted Hardie-plank creating a 10+ year wear resistance.
  • High Efficiency Simonton thermal pane windows.
  • One fireplace for all to share.  No wastefull individual room gas fireplaces!
  • Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Planting Beds:  Harness rainwater runoff to maintain indigenous plant life.
  • High efficient light bulbs, photovoltaic exterior lighting, and natural light with proper window and door design

Our recycling efforts started with the front door:

  • Beach Spa B&B front door was recycled from the trash pile of a neighbor along with reclaimed stained glass.
  • Many of the furnishings have been saved by collecting other people's trash and turning into treasure.  Refinished furniture, decorative casting for pipes, cleaning dishes, glassware, vases, and many other misc.items found at the B&B.  We even have a head board that was made from a door of the old Federal Court House in Detroit.  Look around and you will find many items that have been reused.
  • The fill for the land was recycled from pool digs and local land development.
  • Recycle program and practices from egg cartons to plastic and glass bottles.  Anything that can be recycled is recycled.
  • New for 2008 is our compost program that will take kitchen waste, egg shells, coffee grinds,
    fruit peals, etc and yard debris to create natural compost for our new onsite herb and vegetable gardens.

The most important are daily practices we live by:

  • Conserve!
  • Turn off what is not in use!
  • Walk and bike. Don't use the car!
  • Use glass and towels not paper!
  • Cleaning detergents that are environmentally friendly!
  • Use both sides of the paper for printing or writing!
  • Bathroom plaques promoting the reuse of bath towels for multi night stays!
  • Reduce room thermostats when freshening or changing room.
  • Minimize landscape watering.