Virginia Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast Strawberry Recipe

Fresh Organic Strawberries are ripe and ready to pick.  Come stay with the Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast and experience incredible Strawberry delights.  Today we will focus on combining strawberries with other fresh organic fruit, Organic Kiwi from Trader Joe’s is the special recipe this week.  Recipe:

  • Ten Fresh Organic Strawberries
  • Four Fresh Ripe Organic Kiwi
  • Ten Organic Mint Leaves
  • tbl Sherry
  • tbl Honey

Cut Strawberries cross section about 1/8″ thick.  Chop mint.  Combine cut strawberries, mint sherry and honey into a bowl and let sit for 10 minutes mixing occasionally.  Peal Kiwi and cut into 1/8″ cross section and place one cut piece on dish, then layer a cut strawberry from bowl onto kiwi, continue layering till one kiwi is stacked high and finish with tip of strawberry.  Spoon sherry/honey from bowl onto stack and finish with whole mint leave.  Serve or fridge for 10 minutes then serve and enjoy.  Serves Four


May 12, 2011

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