About us

Southern Hospitality + Beach Resort Relaxation

Sometimes it is best to allow another person's words speak most eloquently, and to describe the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast approach to Guest Hospitality, allow us to quote the American Author, Jacob Abbot, as he described Southern Hospitality in 1835:

...the hospitality of southerners is so profuse... conversation flows cheeringly, for southern gentlemen and ladies have a particular tact in making a guest happy. After dinner you are urged to pass the afternoon and night, and if you are a gentleperson in manners and information, your host will be in reality highly gratified by your so doing. Such is the character of southern hospitality.


While the years may have passed, the charm of Southern Hospitality is still alive and well at the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast. Our team is truly passionate about guest care and hospitality. In an era of chain hotels and impersonal service, we invite you to come and experience the convenience, charm and relaxation of lodging at Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast.

And don't worry, our facilities and technology are definitely 21st century!